Nano is one of the most popular text editors used by administrators working inside a terminal. This short how to describes how to install it on most popular Linux distributions.

Simply execute the commands listed below for your operating system, and the package manager will take care of the rest.

To do this, you need root-level access to the system. If you prefer using sudo over logging in as root, that's OK.

Distribution Index

- Debian, Ubuntu
- CentOS, Redhat Enterprise Linux
- Arch Linux
- Fedora
- OpenSUSE

Install Nano on Debian and Ubuntu


sudo apt-get install nano

Install Nano on CentOS and Redhat Enterprise Linux


sudo yum install nano

Install Nano on Arch Linux


sudo pacman -S nano

Install Nano on Fedora

Versions up to 21:

sudo yum install nano

Versions 22 and later:

sudo dnf install nano

Install Nano on OpenSUSE


sudo zypper install nano


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