Many hosting providers offer unlimited hosting. There are some things to keep in mind when ordering such a service, though.

Unlimited is not really unlimited

There is no way to ensure that you stay unlimited indefinitely - this is simply because there are no hard drives capable of storing infinite amounts of data. Eventually accounts on the server will use enough disk space for the server to run out.

There are usage restrictions in place

To fight the probability of users filling up entire hard drives, hosting providers will often enforce policies that limit the types of data you can store, such as not being able to use the space purely for file storage.

Some hosting providers will go as far as define a size that they believe is not considered "normal usage". This is essentially a number that is a bit higher than the average disk size of accounts on the servers. If you are unlucky enough to cross it - your account might get suspended.

There is another catch

Unlimited storage plans often are tied to overselling.

If you have a 1000 GB hard drive and you'd like to divide this hard drive between customers, you can only host so many of them. When you create accounts with Unlimited storage, you can in theory create as many accounts as you'd like. There are consequences to that, such as:

  • Lower general performance. As there are many more accounts on the server that you would otherwise have placed, performance degrades. There is simply too many active websites for the server to handle.
  • Space might run out at random. As users continue to upload data, eventually the hard drive will fill up to a point that no more data can be uploaded. This in turn will crash most websites, their databases or render accounts entirely inaccessible.

We hope that we have cleared up Unlimited Hosting for you. Please note that We Love Hosting does not provide unlimited storage plans exactly for reasons mentioned above. We want you to be certain that you can use all the allocated resources, without worrying that something might suddenly happen that would prevent you from running your websites. Have a look at our Shared Hosting plans here.

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