Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We maintain an encrypted connection between you and our relevant sites as such all personal data is submitted through a secure connection.

1. Data we collect

We Love Hosting collects and stores the following information upon registration for purposes of keeping a profile and making payments:

- Full name,
- Company name (if provided during registration),
- Billing address (Street name, post code, city, state, country),
- E-mail address,
- Phone number (if provided during registration),
- IP address

2. How we process data

We Love Hosting keeps Personal Data to:

- Link an account with requested Services,
- Authenticate your access to the Services,
- Generate payments,
- Communicate in case of general inquiries and support,
- Send Opt-In advertisement newsletters,
- Detect and verify potential fraud

If an account is canceled or otherwise terminated its status in our system changes to inactive and retains its information. We will retain such information in event of any legal obligations, disputes or to otherwise enforce agreements.

3. Data we share

We Love Hosting shares the some Personal Data with payment processors for purposes of making payment, this data includes:

- Full name,
- Company name (if provided during registration),
- E-mail address

Payment processors we use for making payment may also store data required for making payment. A link to Privacy Policy of each payment processor is below:

- PayPal Privacy Policy

We may share personally identifiable data to Companies that provide services to us, or Companies we have partnered with to provide Products and Services. We may disclose Personal Data to comply with relevant laws and legal governing bodies of any country in which the personal data exists or was otherwise registered from.

4. Cookies

We seem to be obligated to tell you that we use Cookies on our website. Cookies are stored on the visitor’s machine for purposes such as session validation or saved end-user settings, such as "Remember Me" options on login forms. You may refuse to keep Cookies stored in your browser, though this may result in unexpected issues during session validation.

5. Your rights

You have the right to refuse to provide any requested Personal Data, but certain Services we provide may not be available to you.

The device you are using to access our Sites and Services may be providing us with location data that we may keep for analytical purposes, for options on this please refer to your device's settings.

Upon registration to use our Services you will gain access to an area that allows you to edit your Personal Data.

6. Contact in regards to Personal Data

You may get in touch with our data administrator by using our buit in contact forms on any site.


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